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Meet Me at the Carnegie!


Welcome to the Snohomish Carnegie Educational Center, A Place for Families.  Located in one of Washington State's last-remaining historic Carnegie libraries, its original construction represents the efforts of Snohomish's early residents and the Carnegie Foundation, which funded libraries throughout the country from 1886 to 1923, to build a new facility. The building is located within the Snohomish City National Register Historic District.

Located strategically at the intersection of the Snohomish historic business district  and residential areas, the SCEC has been the hub of our community in years past, and it promises to fulfill this role again as the revitalization of our historic city continues to evolve.  Restoration of the grounds will provide a much-needed gathering space for our entire community, whether it be for art in the park, our Farmer’s Market, or for spending contemplative time honoring those lives lost in the service of our nation. 


The Snohomish Carnegie Educational Center is located at 105 Cedar Ave., Snohomish, WA 98290.


Celebrate the completion of the 1st phase of restoration!


Saturday, September 14, 2013, 1-5pm

Corner of 1st and Cedar Avenue
at the historic Snohomish Carnegie Library Building
Join us for:
-Children's Activities
-Tour of the Carnegie with the Architect
-Silent Auction at the Carnegie
-Vendor Booths
-Welcome our new neighbors


Download the Event PDF poster


SCF Block Party



We're making progress! Here are photos of the first phase of work underway on the Carnegie Library Building: 





The Snohomish City Council approved the Building Update and Site Master Plan for the Carnegie Educational Center on April 5, 2011 by a unanimous vote. This new site master plan is available for download here.


Additional site drawings are available for download here.





[March 26, 2013]  The first phase of the restoration of the historic 1910 Snohomish Carnegie Library will be completed on March 31, 2013. The work has created a seismically-sound building, capable of withstanding major earthquakes. As such, the building will be used as an emergency response center by City of Snohomish staff during times of natural disasters. The structure will also ensure the safety of program participants when the restoration is complete, and the Carnegie Education Center: A Place For Families is providing educational, cultural and recreational programs for the community.

The City of Snohomish and the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, secured $1,047,244 in donations and grants to fund the project.

The roof was rebuilt to connect to the building’s perimeter shear walls; new historically-accurate roof tiles were installed; hazardous materials were removed; new insulation was installed in the attic to meet current energy code; wall-floor connections were strengthened; bracing and the building’s perimeter were upgraded, geotechnical testing and core samples were undertaken to ensure the seismic stability of the Library’s foundation.

The Snohomish Carnegie Foundation is now seeking donations for the second phase of restoration. This second phase of rehabilitation involves removal of a 1968 Annex Building which completely covers the historic entrance to the Library Building, and the restoration/rehabilitation of the much-loved (and often photographed in the past) front entrance to the Carnegie. Additional work includes hazardous materials removal, and changes to the building’s electrical system. Design costs (including architectural design, hazardous materials abatement design, structural engineering design, civil engineering design and mechanical engineering design) are $82,705. Construction costs are $243,000, plus a 30% contingency fee of $72,900 for a total of $315,900. Thus, total cost for this second phase of the Carnegie Building and Grounds rehabilitation is $398,605.

Donations for this second phase may be made through the on the website's Donate section, or mailed to Snohomish Carnegie Foundation, PO Box 1088, Snohomish WA 98291-1088. All donations will be given public recognition when the restoration process is complete, unless anonymity is requested.