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By the late 1990’s it became apparent that Snohomish had grown to the point that our publicly owned Carnegie Library could no longer adequately meet the needs of our community.  A newly constructed library was to open in 2003, leaving our Carnegie available for possible new public uses.  In July 2002, the Snohomish City Council held a community meeting to begin accepting public suggestions regarding the future of the historic 1910 Carnegie Library Building and Grounds.  In early 2004, the City Council appointed a group of Snohomish citizens known as The Snohomish Carnegie Preservation Committee, with a mandate to study the possible restoration of the Carnegie Library for future public use.


The committee met monthly with architectural consultants to determine the best possible uses and rehabilitation strategies for the Building and Grounds. In early 2005, the committee came to the City Council with the recommendation to develop a masterplan to restore the Carnegie Library using BOLA Architecture + Planning. The City Council approved this approach and authorized the establishment of the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation. In September 2005, the Foundation received its not-for-profit status and completed its strategic planning process.


Since that time, the Foundation has partnered with the City of Snohomish and worked with the Snohomish community to develop the preferred uses of the Building and its surrounding Grounds. A concept through various tools was emerged: a family-oriented educational center.  “The Carnegie Educational Center, A Place For Families” will honor the intent of the original Carnegie Library Building, serving our community in a contemporary fashion for the next 100 years.


Our rehabilitated Carnegie Building and Grounds will serve the educational, cultural and recreational needs of our community. 


The Carnegie is strategically located where the Snohomish historic business district and residential areas meet.  It has been the hub of our community in years past, and promises to fulfill this role again as revitalization of our historic City continues to evolve. Restoration of the Grounds will provide much needed gathering space for our entire community.


Much work is to be done. Public outreach is constant being done and if you would like to join and help us, please do so!