Board Members


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Melody Clemans is currently the President of the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation, as well as a member of the Snohomish Rotary. In the past, she served as a City of Snohomish Councilmember from 2003 through 2011.Melody is a partner in an independently owned insurance agency. She has been a lifelong resident of Snohomish, WA. She has a daughter, Dara Pierce, and two grandchildren, Ashley Pierce and Andrew Pierce. 





Mug Shot of Cathy Reines


Cathy Reines joined the firm of Stovall Grandey & Allen LLP in 2011 as a partner. Cathy’s background includes a twenty-two year career in the financial institutions industry. Beginning her accounting career at Ernst & Whinney, Cathy quickly joined the financial services and information technology groups and in 1994 joined a local firm, Knight, Vale & Gregory to augment their existing financial institution team. Cathy advanced to partner in 1999 and remained as a partner in McGladrey & Pullen/RSM after the sale of the firm in 2001. Cathy subsequently worked as a CFO at a large, SEC reporting bank and most recently as the CEO & President of a community bank. Cathy held Board of Director positions with both the Western Independent Bankers and the Washington Banker Association. Cathy is active in numerous community organizations and has a passion for community and education.



Candace Jarrett grew up in Snohomish, the Carnegie Library was her favorite place to find books, meet friends and sit on the bench under the beautiful old cherry tree. We have a wonderful new library now, but restoring the Carnegie building and grounds to their pre-1968 beauty would be a tremendous asset to our town. As an E.S.L. teacher working in other cities and countries she has seen the value of preserving historic buildings and open places while providing public programs and events that can draw together a community. Free Public Libraries are one of the most egalitarian and welcoming institutions ever created and the Carnegie Foundation’s mission to create an education center and continue that tradition of community involvement is one that is both important and exciting.


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Remy Cano joined the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation in 2014 as a board member in an effort to build upon momentum and successes in restoring the Carnegie Library to a premier education center. As 

a residence of Snohomish for the last 15 years Remy recognizes the need to preserve the treasures of our past among the growth, expansion and diversity of our future. Remy's background includes 19 years as the President and CEO of Northwest Tank & Environmental Services, a Snohomish based environmental testing firm. He is supported at home by his wife Shellene and son Jensen, both who provide strength and inspiration to make our community a better place.



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Dan Reynolds joined the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation in 2004 as a Board Member and continues to serve on the board as a construction project manager. He has been co-owner of Wyser Construction with his wife, Cheryl, for the last 16 years; besides being co-owner, Mr. Reynolds serves as Project Manager. In Snohomish, Wyser Construction developed the Visitor Center in downtown Snohomish as well as the expansion of the Snohomish Food Bank. The Company has also completed many Park Projects for Snohomish County Parks and Recreation, including Willis Tucker Park Amphitheater and Splash Pad, and Lake Stevens Community Park Complex. He takes great pride in making sure projects are completed on time and on budget. He enjoys taking walks with his family and friends and watching his grandkids playing soccer. He has resided in Snohomish for the last 9 years. He is enthusiastic about the restoration of the Carnegie Library Building and Grounds and is honored to have the opportunity to be part of this project.



 Mug Shot of Anne Eason

Anne Eason has been a resident of the City of Snohomish since 1965 and community involvement has always been a top priority for her. At the request of Mayor Payson Peterson, November 1970, she was sworn into office on the Snohomish City Council and was elected to office in May 1971 and November 1973, and served a total of six years. It was during these years that the form of government of the City of Snohomish was passed by the voters (Resolution 288), and Ordinance No. 1185 creating the Snohomish Historical Commercial District and Snohomish Residential District was passed. In June 1991, she was appointed to the Snohomish Planning Commission and served for three years.

Because she frequented the Carnegie Library during her adolescent years in Bellingham, Washington, it was only natural for her to introduce her three children to the Snohomish Carnegie Library when she moved to her present location with her late husband, Larry Eason. During the years that she served on the City Council, Council meetings were moved from the Council Chamber at First Street City Hall to the Carnegie Library Basement. Many issues were addressed and decisions were made, with regard to downtown historic preservation. Other involvements throughout these years have been through the Snohomish School District, St. Michael’s Parish, civic events, PEO, and Tillicum Kiwanis. She was employed at Monroe School District and has since been retired for sixteen years. In addition, spending time with herimmediate family has always been top priority!

For Anne, it was natural to accept the invitation to join the Snohomish Preservation Committee at its inception in 2004, and continue to serve until completion in 2005. The Washington State Secretary of State’s Office issued a Certification of Incorporation for the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation effective, June 21, 2005. She was one of the four initial Board of Directors at the time this certificate was issued and continues to serve as Treasurer of the Board.

It is exciting for Anne to be a part of this significant project to revitalize and preserve the building and grounds in order to provide the Snohomish Carnegie Educational Center for the citizens of Snohomish and neighboring areas to enjoy as the recognized landmark it once was and will be for many years to come.