Fred's Celebration

Frederick J. Lighter was an educational and environmental consultant specializing in non profit organizations and a consultant for the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation since its inception.

He had a passion for the arts, particularly live tragedian Shakespeare theater.  He attended the Ashland Shakespeare Festival for 20 plus years.  In addition to Shakespeare, he was an avid collector of art, always interested in Native American art, quality local artists, and contemporary pieces; in other words a very diverse and eclectic collection. 

Fred passed away in July 2015.  His impact on the Foundation’s work was enormous.  He went beyond the work of a consultant and became one of our most avid and enthusiastic supporters of our mission to rehabilitate the Carnegie library building and its grounds into a beautiful, historical, community asset that will provide educational opportunities for individuals of all ages.

Fred had one last wish with regard to the Foundation’s mission. He donated his art collection to the Foundation with the sole purpose of raising funds to rehabilitate the Carnegie. With such generosity, his spirit will live on and serve an inspiration to move forward with our mission and to one day soon see the Snohomish Carnegie Education Center, A Place for Families, come to life.

Fred will be greatly missed. Join us in the celebration of Fred’s life and participate in the live and silent auction at the Carnegie on November 14, 2015.


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